Friday, June 10, 2011

Divine Consign - Services Galore!

Being a successful furniture consignment shop is about a lot more than just great furniture. Sure, that's important, but Divine Consign has found even more ways to service our customers beyond our great pieces.
Marking down consignment items 20% every three weeks is pretty standard practice. We have taken it one step further... we will CONTACT YOU when your favorite piece has been marked down! Simply let us know about an item you have your eye on and, if it hasn't sold, we will call you as soon as it's marked down - c'mon, who does that?!
This may seem like an outdated procedure, but nowadays we're willing to do whatever it takes to help you furnish your home without breaking the bank! You can buy one of our already well-priced items with layaway! Simply put 50% down, then pay off the remainder of the total within 30 days and it's yours!
Say you come in on your lunch break and see the most perfect sofa for your home. You're not quite ready to make the commitment until you talk it over with hubby. We will let you put the sofa on Hold until the end of the business day, leaving you time to make a solid decision. You don't even have to come back in, simply call us and pay for it over the phone!
It happens to everyone, you buy what seems like the perfect lamp, artwork, or side table. But when you get it home it just isn't the right color or size. No worries! Bring it on back within 3 days with your receipt and you will get a full refund - not store credit, a refund! See, we truly are here to help you!
Love the chair, hate the fabric. Love the fabric, have a bench at home that needs some work. We have a professional in-house upholsterer who will magically transform your piece of furniture into a stylish and just plain awesome work of art! And just wait until you see our fabrics and trims - they're to die for!
Now how many consignment stores have professional designers on staff who will help you decorate your home OR help you stage your home to sell? We have a furniture rental program for short-term needs and will even plan your space for you!
We've saved this one for last because really, who expects everyone to have a pickup truck available to transport their new dining set? Our delivery crew will not only deliver to your home, but to the exact spot you want it! No back-breaking, muscle-pulling work to move your new armoire. For a reasonable rate, delivery is definitely the way to go!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Good day, dearies! I am pleased to introduce you to my magnificent family of furniture - we are Berkey & Gay.
The Berkey & Gay Furniture Company started producing furniture in the mid 1800's until the 1940s. From it's humble beginnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it became know throughout the US for its high quality craftsmanship.
My sisters and I have been crafted with the finest of hardwoods and decorated exquisitely for those who truly appreciate proper furniture.
Weren't we surprised then to find ourselves on the floor of a furniture consignment shop - and what a shop it is! Beautiful pieces of furniture both old and new - we are pleased to find ourselves in such good company. However, we do hope that an antique furniture enthusiast will decide to grace his or her home with our presence soon.
Clockwise, from top left: nightstand $192; cane back chair $164; vanity with mirror $522; dresser $522; chest of drawers $468.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contain Clutter

CLUTTER - no matter how hard we try to organize, we all have it. Here are a few simple and inexpensive tips to help contain some of your day-to-day clutter:

PAPERS - they are everywhere! School work, bills, recipes, manuals, wish-lists; paper is one of the biggest clutter offenders around. 
THE SOLUTION - binders! Grab a bunch of binders (they don't have to match, but it sure looks good) and label them appropriately. Have a 3 whole punch nearby and every time a piece of paper surfaces on your counter, store it away!  Take that, paper!

- Not everyone has ample storage in their bathroom, sometimes we are faced with where to put extra rolls of toilet paper and guest towels?
THE SOLUTION - Old wooden crates! They look like cool antiques and can be stacked anywhere to store these necessities.

SMALL JEWELRY - How frustrating it is when dangly earrings get tangled together or when that special pearl earring gets lost!
THE SOLUTION - ice cube trays! The small compartments are perfect for separating pairs of earrings and they can even be stacked in drawers.

SOCKS & UNDIES - Now c'mon, who really has the time and patience to neatly fold underwear and stack socks in drawers?
THE SOLUTION - hanging fruit basket! You've seen these in kitchens, why not hang one in your closet to store socks, undies, scarves, anything that's difficult to store!

CHOOSING KIDS' CLOTHES - Always a chore when you're trying to get the kids ready & out the door for the morning.
THE SOLUTION - hanging storage shelves labeled with days of the week! At the end of the weekend when the laundry is done, simply choose an outfit for each day of the week and your morning ritual just got that much easier!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness in Oak Park

Have you ever heard of Anne Herbert? No? Well maybe you've heard her quote "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." Isn't that quote, in itself, just beautiful? How difficult is it to practice random acts of kindness?
IT'S EASY. So easy, in fact, some people probably don't even realize they're doing it - random acts of kindness may just seem like good manners or simply being neighborly. In a tight-knit community like Oak Park, we can observe such acts on a daily basis.
Take our store, Divine Consign, where we observe such kind acts on a daily basis. Sometimes the simple act of opening the door for one of our young men carrying out an end table to a customer's car. We've seen perfect strangers offer to help load items into cars - or even offer to help customers bring items into our store.
Since we tend to be on the chatty side, we even hear from our customers about random acts of kindness they've benefited from - someone offering a quarter for the meter, a neighbor shoveling a front walk without being asked, a home-cooked meal brought after a new baby arrives, the list is long and wonderful!
I remember when I first moved to Chicago I was a young woman in need of directions. When I nervously asked for directions, rather than just pointing in the general direction, a perfect stranger walked with me for several blocks to show me the el train location. I don't remember what she looked like or even which station I was going to, but I remember that simple act of kindness and the impression it made on me.
Want to join the movement? Visit the Random Acts of Kindness website where you can get some great, simple, easy ideas on how to brighten someone's day or truly help someone in need.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day SALE

We observe Memorial Day to honor American men and women who have given their lives for our country.
Why then, do all the stores have Memorial Day sales?

(except for retail salespeople but hey, we're okay with that)

Divine Consign and Trends are no different, we're observing Memorial Day with a COLOSSAL sale!
Divine Consign AND Trends are open on Memorial Day from 11am - 6pm and are ready to make some markdowns!
Now put down that hot dog, extinguish that firecracker, and come on out to SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Ways to Update Your Sofa

Ahh, spring. Finally you are able to open our windows, breath in the fresh air, look around our home sanctuary and then BAM! You see it, your boring old sofa just sucking the new life out of your space.
You have a couple options including buying a new sofa, but not everyone has the budget for this. And maybe your sofa is just fine but needs a decorating tune-up!
Divine Consign to the rescue (again, you can thank us later)! You have several low-to-no budget options to freshen up your sofa and your space.
1) MOVE YOUR SOFA - sometimes it really is this easy. There are so many ways to organize your furniture in your room to give it a fresh start - get a helper and start schlepping away! 
There is an AWESOME website you can go to and arrange your room online! Check it out, so fun!
2) REUPHOLSTER YOUR SOFA - Is your sofa in good condition (maybe just needs a little stuffing) but the fabric is a goner? It costs a little more, but having your sofa reupholstered by a professional will make it look better than new - it'll be custom! (Divine Consign can help too - we have an in-house upholsterer!).

3) PURCHASE (or make) A SLIPCOVER - Basic budget-friendly slipcovers can be purchased at your local home decorating store, or they can be custom made. Can you sew? There are tons of slipcover patterns out there - give it a try!

4) REPLACE THE BACK & SEAT CUSHIONS - Okay, okay, maybe reupholstering your sofa or having custom slipcovers made is going a little overboard for you. Your sofa is just fine, just boring! How about covering or replacing just the back and seat cushions to create a whole new look?

5) ADD SIMPLE COLOR & TEXTURE - Easy & Cheap (not you, silly, your sofa). Decide on an accent color for your room, take a quick shopping trip, and outfit your space with simple pillows & throws to make your sofa look as good as new!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Divine Consign Featured in Suburban Focus Magazine!

We just love being published, don't you? How exciting it was to be published in Suburban Focus Magazine - May/June issue! Here is a snippet of what the page looks like with a great article about furniture consignment!

Pretty handy also is the prime location for our Trends ad! Want to get a better look? Click here to visit the Suburban Focus website, click on the Summer Planner issue and flip to page 31 - there we are!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

93.9 Lite fm Home Makeover Promotion

Admit it, you're a home makeover show junkie! (don't worry, so are we - the therapy is a killer).

This month, 93.9 Lite fm is hosting a home makeover for a very deserving family. Divine Consign in thrilled to be part of this exciting project - we're donating $1500 worth of upholstery services to the lucky winner!

Want to be part of the action? Simply click on the 93.9 Lite fm link here  and sign up to win OR forward it to a deserving family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Color of the Month - EMERALD GREEN

Ahhh, May. 
Fresh grass is sprouting, girls are in a shopping frenzy for prom, bicycles are making their way out of the garage, golf clubs are being dusted off, spring cleaning is in full swing.
This month, we are paying tribute to the color EMERALD GREEN.
It's no surprise the May birthstone is an emerald, that was one of our inspirations! We are surrounded by green in May, breathing in the fresh foliage that has burst forward this month (all that rain is good for something!). Arugula is now in season, why not go to the local farmers market and pick up a bunch?
Feeling inspired? Why not bring in that tired old love seat that's been bumming you out this winter and freshen it up with new (green!) upholstery at Divine Consign! Or how about making Emerald Green an accent color in your home? 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Repurposing China Cabinets

We'll admit it, china cabinets are not our favorite thing to consign. Unless it is a hip, Asian-inspired cabinet or a super unique piece, they're just hard to sell. Lifestyles these days call for less formal dining experiences and many families do not have complete china sets to display. What can a poor little consignment shop do?

INSPIRE - that's right, we inspire our customers to think out of the box. Repurposing is our middle name, you know, and we have some great ideas on how to repurpose china cabinets!

So don't feel too bad for us, we always find a way to make our consignors, our customers, and our furniture happy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have You Heard of Ligne Roset?

Ligne Roset [lingye rosay] is a luxury furniture manufacturer known for its artful collaborations with both established and up-and-coming talents in contemporary design.
Now, here's the cool part, WE HAVE A LIGNE ROSET TABLE IN OUR STORE!
Pretty impressive, eh?
This is quality furniture at its best - with a choice of materials ranging from solid wood to natural wood veneers, to glass and metal, one can expect perfection at every turn. What is most distinguishable about Ligne Roset is its tradition of investing in dynamic designer collaborations - resulting in some of the most exciting designer
Divine Consign is constantly surprised by the amazing furniture that walks through our doors - and we are more than happy to provide it to our customers for a fraction of retail prices. This Ligne Roset table for example? We're selling it for $734! Do you realize what a good deal that is? Tables like these retail for well over $3,000.
Want to read more about the Ligne Roset furniture company? click here

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

America's Next Top Model (Home) - Week Six

Take a good look at your space - looking good, right? Time to add accent pieces. Accent pieces are the smaller pieces of furniture and accessories that make a room functional, but also give it some flair! Coffee & side tables, lamps, side chairs, mirrors, artwork, now is the time to wrap it all up.
Consider your zones and their function - do you need a stand for your printer in your home office? A table lamp for the desk? An ottoman or coffee table for the home entertainment area? Remember to consider multi-functional pieces that serve multiple purposes AND look great!
A bit over-decorated, don't you think?
The best thing about accent pieces is that they are typically much less expensive and you can go a bit wild & wacky or over-the-top luxurious to make the space your own. But remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). When you have found the right accent furniture to meet the needs of each zone in your room, get it in the space. Now is your time to decide if you went overboard (take it back!) or if you need more.
A+ for accessorization - just right!

When accessorizing your space, consider proportion and symmetry. Just as with large furniture pieces, scale is important when accessorizing. Symmetry conveys formality and calming order. Asymmetry is more casual and has a bit of an edgy or unbalanced feel to the space - perfect if that is your intent. There is no "right" or "wrong" here - play around with the arrangement of your accessories to determine what is best for your space.
You're accessorizing, you're arranging... now STOP! Don't over-decorate! Know when to say when. Grab a bottle of bubbly, pop the cork and congratulate yourself on a job well done. And while you are sipping that well-deserved glass of bubbly, it is time to turn your well-trained design eye to the next room...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

America's Next Top Model (Home) - Week Five

Now don't panic, but this step can make or break a design. This is a very overlooked but ultra important step in the design process. Think of your windows like large pieces of art and the floors like a sixth wall (ceiling is fifth, in case you're wondering). Integrate these into your design!
Area rugs truly define a space and can also be used to define zones within a space. Centering a smaller area rug in front of the sofa near the television will help visually divide the space as the TV zone. Placing a separate rug in the office zone will define it as such. You get the picture.
Notice how the round rug emphasizes the round table?
So how do you go about choosing the right area rug? It's not as hard as you think. First, ignore the issue of color and thing shape and size. Would an 8 foot round area rug perfectly accent your round dining table? If so, stick to that shape and size when shopping. Do this for all the zones in your space - but keep in mind that not every space needs a rug. The goal is to visually define and unify, not confuse and clutter. Jot down the sizes and shapes you need in your design journal.
How about window coverings? For some reason, window coverings continue to be one of the most daunting design aspects of a room. Make it easy! First, do you even need a window covering? Not every window does. Next, why do you need a window covering? Privacy? Aesthetics? Light control? You don't want to put sheer drapery on your bedroom window where you really need light control. You will hate yourself at 6:00am when the morning sun is burning a hole in your retina. Likewise, you don't want to put purely decorative side panels on a window where you need privacy.
Combine privacy shades with decorative drapes!
Once you have figured out the function of the window coverings, consider the styles available. For light control - do you want black out drapery? Wood blinds? Roman shades? Shutters? There are thousands of books that have pictures and drawings of all different styles of window coverings. Choose the style (not the color just yet) that you like and serves the proper function.

See, it's not so difficult! NOW you can think about color and pattern. We saved this until now, because it is much easier to choose the proper color/pattern/texture when you have already chosen the function and size of the area rugs and window coverings. Also, it is important that these two elements complement each other.
Go back to the pictures you ripped from the design magazines. What do you see about the window coverings and area rugs that would work in your room? Since you've already narrowed down your options based on function, think about the colors and textures you like. Did you find a drapery color/pattern that is perfect? Great! One down. Now take a look at the area rugs next to the fabric you have selected - find one that coordinates. One step at a time...
Quick word about drapery - think custom. Having custom drapery made is NOT as expensive and intimidating as it used to be. By having custom drapery made, you can pick out the fabric and style; you are not limited to the pre-packaged items you find at the store. These will be made just for your and your windows - and often at the same price as the pre-packaged stuff! Even better, typically the drapery person will come out to your house to measure and can even install them! Go ahead, give it a whirl - you'll be glad you did!
After you have selected the window coverings and area rugs, put them where they belong in the room - window covering installed on the windows (not draped over the arm of the sofa) and area rugs properly placed on the ground. This will do two things; first, you will see immediately if you made the right choice (it is easier to change these now than later). Second, you will be able to better evaluate what you need to complete the design. Easy is our goal, right?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

America's Next Top Model (Home) - Week Four

WEEK FOUR - Add the Basics!
Here is where the fun starts! Adding the basics, exactly what are the basics? This is not the time to think about accent pieces like coffee tables, lamps, small chairs, etc. This step is for the "investment pieces" like installed light fixtures and large pieces of furniture.
Go back to the list you created at week one.  Think about the function of your room and consider the multi-function pieces needed (i.e. the cabinet that doubles as a home office, toy storage for the playroom "zone").  Now is a great time to take out photographs from the design magazines from your journal. What large pieces of furniture will work for your space?
Time to make some big decisions. Look at the furniture you already have. Will it function according to your needs? If not, get rid of it. Put it in another room, sell it (consignment stores really come in handy at this point) or donate it. After you have conducted a survey of what you have that will or won't work, make another list. What do you really need? Write down both the item and it's purpose, for instance, "sofa sleeper so room can double as guest space."
Now that you know what you need, where are you going to shop? You could always shop the expensive furniture stores and buy new pieces, but in this economy? Are you kidding? consider all of your sources. How about friends & family - does someone have an old desk they're not using anymore? How about that perfectly good sofa that is sitting in a neighbor's basement?
Next option is consignment furniture. Now, before you turn up your nose, remember that consignment shopping isn't what they used to be. Gone are the dirty old thrift shops and stuffy antique stores - consignment furniture is now all the rage with a wide variety of furniture styles that you cannot find in retail stores for prices you cannot believe! Inventory changes all the time, so you don't have to wait for the season to change for new items (like you do at most new furniture stores). Consignment furniture offers an inexpensive alternative to get pieces of furniture that are functional as well as stylish and unique - pieces that NOBODY else will have!  Even better, consignment stores can also take your old furniture and sell it for you and most have delivery services. Awesome, right?!
Did you know that the best consignment stores are now offering reupholstering services at reasonable prices? Use that service. They may even have the fabric on site so you can coordinate your fabric with the furniture piece at the same time. Talk about One Stop Shopping! You don't want to pass up the perfect dining set because of the ugly faded dining chair fabric - recover them!
BIG CONCERN - consider the scale of your room. Furniture always looks smaller in a large showroom than it does in your smaller space. Measure your room and take the measurements with you when shopping (include measurements of doors, hallways and stairs!). If you find a piece that is too big (or even too small) just walk away - even if you love it. An out-of-scale piece will only throw off the balance of the room. Be strong!
Quick tip on choosing your large pieces of furniture - THINK ABOUT THE BIG PICTURE.  Look at the pictures you so thoughtfully cut out of design magazines. Carefully consider how much pattern or color you are adding. Is this a statement piece that may be changed in a few years or do you want it to stand the test of time? A statement piece can be amazing, but remember, you want to make a statement, not a speech. Too many large statement pieces make a design confusing and cluttered. Remember you will soon have the opportunity to add smaller statement accessories (patience, little one!).
Last step, placing the furniture. Go back to the diagram/floor plan you created in week one. Where will the items be placed in the room? Remember your function zones. Go ahead and actually place your larger items in the room - don't leave them wrapped up in the garage. Have these important pieces in the space will provide you with valuable visual information to make the next steps infinitely easier...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

America's Next Top Model (home) - A six week shape up guide to a brand new view!

Week Three - COLOR!

Why is the prospect of choosing colors so terrifying for so many people? Are you worried you're going to pick the wrong color?! The wrong finish?!?!  RELAX - it's just paint. Painting the walls and ceiling is just one of many layers we will add to create your masterpiece. We're here to make it easy for you!

First, take a close look at your room. Are there any fixed items or colors that you can't change? For instance, if you are re-decorating your kitchen and cannot change counter tops, cabinets, or flooring - we will work with those colors and finishes when painting the room.  
Consult your magazine photos again - ignore everything except the color. What colors do you keep coming back to? Do you prefer a monochromatic color scheme or bold, splashy colors? Do clean, fresh colors keep coming back or muted, romantic shades?
Consider the configuration of your room - is it long and narrow? Short and wide? Does it have a feature wall? Do you want to create a feature wall? Remember that dark colors recede and light colors come forward. When in doubt with color, stick to neutrals - that doesn't mean only white or beige! Neutral means a basic palette that can be added to ... red or black could be considered a neutral.
Narrow your choices to one or two color schemes and write these down in your journal. Keeping those colors in mind, time to head to the paint store.  Don't be overwhelmed by the vast array of colors. You already have a general idea of what you like, right? Go through the color(s) you have chosen - no second guessing yourself - and spend 30 seconds grabbing the first six paint chips that attract your attention. Congratulations! You have just narrowed thousands of possible colors into six!
So what if you don't want to paint every wall and the ceiling the same color? No problem! Paint manufacturers do a lot of the work for you. Typically the top 1-2 colors are used for ceiling and trim. Accent walls are typically two up or down from the main wall color. For example, if you choose a dark tone for the main color, then two up is a good accent color. Pretty simple stuff, right?

DO NOT BUY YOUR PAINT THAT DAY!  We recommend buying a sample of each chosen color (at least the shade you think you want for the walls) and bring swatches home of the remaining colors.  Remember - lighting in your home is always different than the store. Keep in mind that colors will look different natural sunlight as opposed to incandescent light at night. 
Paint 12"-24" of wall in each color you've chosen. Also paint a bit next to the existing trim (if you're not changing it). Also paint a bit on the ceiling (color always looks lighter on the ceiling than on the swatch). If you have chosen an accent color, paint it next to the main wall color. If you only have paper swatches - tape them up!  Now you should have a good idea of how these colors will look in your own space. After 24 hours of viewing the paint swatches in different lighting (and also, just getting used to them), it's time to get going and paint the room! 
QUICK TIP:  paint comes in different sheens/finishes. Consult the chart below to determine which will be appropriate for your application.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

America's Next Top Model (home) - A six week shape up guide to a brand new view!

WEEK TWO - Find your style, add architectural detail
With your space plan (week one) in hand, let's find your personal style!
We know you have been pouring through design magazines for ages. Time to get out those pages you've torn out and place them on the table in front of you. What do you see? Do you see a theme? Do you tend to gravitate towards modern or traditional? Do you like a minimalist feel or do you prefer to seek solace in a comfortable setting? There is no need to name your style (such as Post-Neoclassical-Baroque-Egyptian-Revival-Chic) just pick out your favorites.

Now look through your beautiful magazine pictures. Ignore the color, furniture, art, etc. - focus on architectural details. Molding? Windows? Fireplace surround? Now look around your room - how can you incorporate the details you like from the pictures so that it works in your space? Check out your moldings around the doors, windows, floors... what if you added a piece to make them larger? How about adding ceiling trim? What about the walls? Would adding a chair rail give you the look you like? How about that built-in cabinet you've had your eye on?

Adding architectural interest could also mean taking something out - such as getting rid of the 1970s mirrored closet doors, taking down fake paneling, removing wallpaper. How about replacing the fireplace surround with something more contemporary? Dump the faded shag carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring.
Don't forget to consider your space plan with adding/removing architectural details - the room should still function the way you planned.

Adding architectural detail can either be a big project or small. Review your budget if your project includes adding flooring or cabinetry - you may need to forego other purchases as architectural details really are important. Now is the time to call in some favors and get help completing this project - as Tim Gunn says, "make it work!"