Tuesday, May 3, 2011

America's Next Top Model (Home) - Week Six

Take a good look at your space - looking good, right? Time to add accent pieces. Accent pieces are the smaller pieces of furniture and accessories that make a room functional, but also give it some flair! Coffee & side tables, lamps, side chairs, mirrors, artwork, now is the time to wrap it all up.
Consider your zones and their function - do you need a stand for your printer in your home office? A table lamp for the desk? An ottoman or coffee table for the home entertainment area? Remember to consider multi-functional pieces that serve multiple purposes AND look great!
A bit over-decorated, don't you think?
The best thing about accent pieces is that they are typically much less expensive and you can go a bit wild & wacky or over-the-top luxurious to make the space your own. But remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). When you have found the right accent furniture to meet the needs of each zone in your room, get it in the space. Now is your time to decide if you went overboard (take it back!) or if you need more.
A+ for accessorization - just right!

When accessorizing your space, consider proportion and symmetry. Just as with large furniture pieces, scale is important when accessorizing. Symmetry conveys formality and calming order. Asymmetry is more casual and has a bit of an edgy or unbalanced feel to the space - perfect if that is your intent. There is no "right" or "wrong" here - play around with the arrangement of your accessories to determine what is best for your space.
You're accessorizing, you're arranging... now STOP! Don't over-decorate! Know when to say when. Grab a bottle of bubbly, pop the cork and congratulate yourself on a job well done. And while you are sipping that well-deserved glass of bubbly, it is time to turn your well-trained design eye to the next room...

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