Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

What will 2011 hold for us?
Well, our crystal ball reading skills are a bit off today, but we know it's going to be a great year!
We will be officially launching our new Design Center with a BIG grand opening (more of that to come).
Get ready for our 12 week "shape up your house" program!
Who knows what else we'll come up with?
Best wishes for a prosperous and joyful 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of Consignment in Chicago Home + Garden Magazine!

We are so excited to be featured in Chicago Home + Garden magazine as the Best of the New Consignment Stores! Check out the new January/February issue and flip to page 52 ... there we are!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Divine Consign - A Friend to Interior Designers

All interior designers have stories about THAT client ... you know the one, wants something totally unique, but doesn't want to pay "unique" prices. Wants furniture that can't be bought just anywhere, but can't exactly describe what it is!  Turns down most everything you suggest because it just isn't "special" enough. Ugh.
 Consignment stores are a fantastic resource for interior designers; we have a wealth of interesting furniture pieces that will certainly catch the eye of discerning clients. And, best of all, prices are amazing!
Need a special chair to fill that empty corner?

Is the client demanding a table like no one has ever seen?
Want to wow them with a chest that will make a statement?

See? We're already on our way to becoming BFFs!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Divine Consign Gives Back

There are so many worthwhile charitable organizations in Oak Park, we are always thrilled when we can donate furniture pieces to help people in need locally! Here are some of the organizations we work with:
West Cook YMCA
Furniture donated by Divine Consign is used in their residences and common areas.

Provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. All proceeds go to support client programs.
Click here to learn more about Aspire!

Economy Shop
Donations are given to their resale shop. Proceeds are then donated do the various charities they serve:  Day Nursery of Oak Park and River Forest, The Children's Clinic, Thrive Counseling Center and Hephzibah Children's Association.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mix-N-Match Your Dining Chairs!

We wouldn't go so far to say that matching dining sets are "out" - in fact, a well-appointed matching dining set always looks divine (we like that word).

Here is our big BUT (hee hee) - mixing and matching dining chairs is just so fun!! There are all sorts of ways to combine different chair styles to achieve an eclectic and finished dining space.

Each chair is different, but two or more chairs have the same finish.
Grab a can of spray paint and finish chairs the same color to create cohesiveness.
Paint chairs a neutral color and reupholster in the same fabric - love it!
Divine Consign always has dining chairs just waiting to be transformed. PLUS, with our brand new DESIGN CENTER we can REUPHOLSTER your chairs too! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look at me! I'm a Heckman Executive Desk...

My owner, Theodore Roland Waldorf III, thinks the leather inlay on my desktop will certainly impress his important clients. You see, Mr. Waldorf is a soon-to-be partner at his firm, and having a HECKMAN EXECUTIVE DESK will help him achieve his goal!
My turn-of-the-century design is highlighted with carved drawer fronts, gold-accented leather, and antique brass hardware.  Mr. Waldorf appreciates the solid oak wood and the finished back, how divine!

Mr. Waldorf's personal secretary is thankful the desk has two file drawers that masquerade as 5 small drawers keeping him organized, stylish and functional!
Go ahead and try to be like Theodore Roland Waldorf III, buy a fabulous Heckman desk, just like me, at Divine Consign - if you think you're worthy...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Design Center Grand Opening

Divine Consign is now offering custom drapery and upholstery services! Announcing our
Design Center 
Grand Opening!!
Visit our studio and design library filled with AWESOME drapery and upholstery fabrics (which, yes, we will sell by the yard at ridiculously reasonable prices!) Custom Upholstery Services as easy as 1-2-3!
1 Purchase a super-cool item you want reupholstered from the awesome selection in our two showrooms
2 Choose your fabric from the rocking selection of upholstery fabric in our design studio
 3 Number 3? There is no number 3! It's as easy as 1-2!
  Custom Drapery Services ALSO as easy as 1-2-3!
1 Choose your style from your favorite design magazine or check out the great options in our design library
2 Measure your windows and bring us your measurements with a photograph of your windows
3 Choose your fabric and trim from the amazing selection in our design studio

AREN'T WE AWESOME?!  Say it, Church Lady!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Twas a Month Before Christmas

"'Twas a month before Christmas and all through the house, my furniture looked awful, I blame my spouse.
His stockings were flung on the floor without care, the smell alone was straightening my hair!
My shoes were nestled all snug on my bed, while visions stained upholstery danced in my head.
I thought of hiding the stains with a kerchief and cap, - I'll never fool the in-laws with an old trick like that!
When out in the hall there arose such a clatter, I really shouldn't hang light fixtures with tape and cake batter!
Propelled toward the window I flew like a flash, tripped over a broken table and an old drapery sash!
The moon on the crest of the new fallen snow, gave a luster to the junk pile where our old sofa should go.
When upon what did my wondering eyes begin to stare, but that old dining table and those eight folding chairs.
With a little screwdriver and some duct tape to stick, I realized my "repairs" would not do the trick.
More rapid than eagles, to the conclusion I came, I thought DIVINE CONSIGN and then yelled out their names.
Now Jimmy! Now Robert! Let's get us a fixin', before presents need opening and cocktails need mixin'!
From the top of the roof to those annoying knee walls, get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of it all!
So out of the house the coursers I flew, with a handful of photos and a credit card too!
And there it was twinkling, right there on the street, the place where the environment and common sense meet.
As I drew in a breath while gaining some ground, I yelled "DIVINE CONSIGN" with my normal loud sound!
It was dressed with fab furniture in every square foot, a resale store not tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of good buys from the front to the back, it had an eco-conscious edge that other stores lacked.
My eyes how they twinkled, my cheeks like a berry, they have oodles of gift ideas for my mother-in-law Mary.
My droll little mouth was drawn up tight as a bow, as I checked off my list and needed only one place to go.
Then I saw it, this man who was gritting his teeth, he was eyeing the table I wanted for Keith!
The man had a broad face and a little round belly, I took him out so fast he was nothing but jelly.
Oh, there's a sofa so plump and a cherry bookshelf, I had to have it so I approached it with stealth.
I moved slowly but quickly and didn't turn my head, if someone knows I want it, I'll have something to dread!
I spoke not a word but went straight to my work, filling out "sold" tags while smiling a knowing smirk.
No more using my fingers to plug up my nose, as I walked by that chair that belonged to Aunt Rose!
I finished shopping and to the delivery team gave a whistle, and away we all flew like an old NASA missile.
As the delivery team finished and drove into the night, I happily exclaimed "Thanks DIVINE CONSIGN my house looks just right!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Repurposing Baby Changing Table

"What in the world am I going to do with my old changing table?"
Don't worry! Divine Consign is coming to the rescue with a GREAT repurposing idea for your outgrown changing table!  Ready for this?
You can thank us later. Here's how it goes:
* TOP SHELF - rolls of wrapping paper
* MIDDLE SHELF - baskets and bins full of scissors, tape, bows, ribbons, etc.
* BOTTOM SHELF - gift boxes and bags
Also, if you were one of those naive first-time parents who thought THIS would be a great idea (you know you never remained this neat) ...
... it is now TOTALLY useful as a gift wrapping station addition. Think gift tags, pens, tissue paper, little gift wrapping baubles, etc.
Voila! Just in time for the holidays too. Okay, we're ready for our "Thank You" now!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mig and Tig at Their Best!

You know you want me.

I don't blame you, I think I'm pretty amazing too! Love my solid cherry wood frame showcasing simple, yet striking, lines. My comfortable seat & back are upholstered in a neutral fabric to work in any space.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm from MIG AND TIG?!

An obvious location for me would be in a living/family room. But have you also thought about how impressive I would be in your office? How about as an extra chair in your bedroom (I would look so awesome next to a platform bed!)?

Now for the best part ... I can be purchased for only $947! That's a fraction of the price I was originally retailed for. I'm almost insulted, you know? I'm worth at least 3 times that amount! But hey, whatever it takes, right?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Business Saturday

You have heard of Black Friday, but Small Business Saturday?  November 27, 2010 is now officially known as Small Business Saturday Slated for the day after black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a national movement organized and supported by small business in an effort to bring awareness of the importance of local small businesses to a community, especially around the Holidays.
American Express, which has teamed with Small Business Saturday, is offering its card members a $25 credit when they shop at a local small business on November 27. GUESS WHAT? Divine Consign is now accepting American Express!!
AND IF THAT ISN'T ENOUGH... Divine Consign is holding a drawing on the 27th! The lucky winner will receive a $100 gift certificate!!
So many reasons to support your only local furniture consignment small business!  See ya Saturday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Floating" Furniture

Have you fallen victim to the FAW syndrome (Furniture Against the Wall)? Bet you didn't even know there was such a thing.  Don't let your furniture be sad wall flowers - move them out and create a FLOATING FURNITURE space plan!

1) Think about the purpose of your space - is it conversational? for entertainment? for activities?
2) Determine a focal point - this could be a television (hurray for flat screens!), a fireplace, or a beautiful view through the window.
3) Plan as much seating as possible around the focal point. Other furniture pieces (like consoles, bookshelves, etc.) can be dispersed along the wall.
4) Anchor the space with an area rug, even if you have carpet! This visually ties the space together and encourages the traffic flow around the area.
There now, you can see out your windows, get in and out of your doorways, and enjoy a conversation without yelling across the room!
No thanks necessary folks, we're happy to help!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Staff Story - Julie Ann Fulton

Hailing from Kansas City, Julie is an unapologetic Chiefs fan. A graphic designer by trade, Julie moved to Chicago to continue her exploration of new cities including New York, Dallas and Cincinnati. Other than exploring and traveling, Julie is passionate about photography, painting, and pretty much anything to do with design!
"My previous careers and employers have taught me a great deal about very different fields. All of which have brought me a unique perspective not only on design, but also the functionality of design. It is not just a visual understanding. Great design for any medium whether it be interior, graphic, or informational design tells a story about the individual who created it and who the creation is for."
Clearly, Julie's vast experience in several design mediums, as well as her flair for organization, makes her an important addition to our team. Without Julie, we'd be lost in a sea of paper and office supplies!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Organization Tip #5 - The Garage

You may think it's strange that Divine Consign, a furniture consignment shop, is writing about Garage Organization. Not strange at all, we say! Our talented staff has oodles of experience in design and space organization, so naturally we want to share our tips with you!
It may seem like a daunting task, but organizing your garage couldn't be simpler. Even if your garage looks like a scene out of "Hoarders" there is hope for you yet!

Step 1: Remove all items leaning up against your walls and put in the center of your garage (or on your driveway if you have one).
Step 2: Establish your KEEP, GIVE AWAY, THROW AWAY piles.
Step 3: Paint your walls a bright shade of white.
Step 4: Purchase organization systems from your local home improvement store. Large hooks, wire racks and wire baskets go a long way.
Step 5: Put everything in it's place. If something doesn't fit, you probably don't need it!
Step 6: Step back and admire your handiwork, receive compliments from your family and neighbors.

If for any reason these simple tasks just don't fit in your bag of tricks, hire a professional CLOSET ORGANIZER. These design specialists will measure your space, analyze your stuff, and design systems to fit all your needs. Most will also have installation services too so you won't even need to lift a finger.
What are you waiting for? Get started!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Epitome of Style

Sleek, Suave and Sophisticated
I'm not conceited or anything, I just speak the truth!
Check out my curved wood back and scrolled arms, bet you've never seen that in furniture design before! My black leather cushion just reeks of sophistication with four leather pillows to match.
What type of house should I grace with my presence? It must be stylish, of course. It doesn't have to be of any particular time period because my design will stand on it's own. The people must love to entertain and have equally cool friends.
I can't believe I'm being sold for only $503, have these Divine Consign people lost their minds?! Get me out of here soon, I have some serious partying to do!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Historic Home Colors

When Frank Lloyd Wright was dreaming up plans for his homes, he had a certain color palette in mind. The colors were reminiscent of natural materials (stone, clay, wood) and nature itself. Color choices are just as important now as they were during the home's creation to maintain the integrity of its creator's vision.

In Oak Park, Illinois, historic homes abound. Whether it's a Craftsman, American Foursquare, or Queen Anne, one must find the right colors to showcase the home's historic significance.
When choosing colors for the interior of your home, think warmth, natural and subdued.

Most paint companies have specific sections in their color wheels for Historic colors. These handy collections will help you simplify your color selection process and ensure just the right colors for your historic home.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Whoo, hoo, hoo, ha-ha-ha!!!
Simply put, we love Halloween! Who doesn't enjoy the chance to dress up any way you want and get away with it?  Who doesn't love the super-cuties in their superhero, princess, animal or favorite Disney character costumes?
We love Halloween so much we're joining in the Oak Park AVENUE business association's annual Halloween trick-or-treating extravaganza! 
Saturday, Oct. 30. Trick-or-treating parade kicks off at 9:45am at Pleasant St. & Oak Park Ave. through Lake Street.  Shop owners will be eager to contribute to your child's sugar high, hopefully resulting in a major crash at nap time!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Organization Tip #4 - Play Room

We have ideas up the wazoo for transforming ordinary furniture into new, useful pieces. The playroom is often a space that gets filled with toys, dolls, puzzle pieces, cars. These valuable possessions need some organized storage!
First, the obvious. Bins, baskets, boxes are all a must for good storage. You can buy the super-cute coordinating bins OR (as I do) reuse containers from formula, rice/pasta, bedding (thick plastic with zippers - awesome) for perfect storage solutions.
Next, think about the furniture pieces you may already have in your home OR can buy inexpensively at your local consignment shop (yep, that's a plug)!
Gone is the need for a large TV cabinet - make it a TOY CLOSET! Using baskets and containers, this is the perfect solution for attractive storage.
(this one is only $99 at Divine Consign)
Forget a train table, coffee tables can easily transform using baskets to store endless train parts. When the train is gone, you still have a great table!
(this one is only $274 at Divine Consign)
Transform an old dresser into a clever toy chest - just a little paint and some creativity!
(this one is only $111 at Divine Consign)

Craft centers are a must - retrieve that old desk from storage, throw up a few shelves and a craft center is born!
(this one is only $113 at Divine Consign)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extra! Extra! - Facebook Promotions

You've been resisting
the urge to join
FB logo
   It's really not that bad, it's actually a lot of fun!
Not only can you reconnect with that kid who always
picked his nose in 7th grade (WHY is he friending me?)

You can take advantage of
EXCLUSIVE weekly Facebook deals
at Divine Consign!

1) "Like" Divine Consign on FB
2) Submit photo of a piece you purchased at Divine Consign
3) Tell us your name, email, phone, description of item and why you love it
4) SUGGEST Divine Consign to all your FB friends
5) Ask your friends to comment on your picture
6) Picture with the most comments wins
                      $150 Divine Dollars!!

Sample pictures for your viewing pleasure:
 Barbie Furniture
Call us if you have ANY questions about Facebook, and we'll refer you to the youngest person on staff, he's 18.