Sunday, April 29, 2012

YIPPEEEE! You just purchased your dream home!

(Diamond in the rough?)

Okay, maybe it’s not your dream home…..yet. It might need a little work here and there—a fresh coat of paint, some new carpeting…an entirely, brand spankin’ new kitchen. 

Let’s face it, furnishing and updating your home is EXPENSIVE.  And buying brand new, matching furniture sets for every last room? Forget it! We feel for you, sister. And we want to help you out in the only way we know how.

Lucky for you, consignment furniture can work WONDERS in your space! It saves you money, adds character to your home, and let’s be honest…it makes decorating so much more fun!

Worried about your room looking like a hodgepodge of random, mixed-and-matched pieces all jumbled together? Here are some tips on making your mismatched space look absolutely DIVINE.

       1. Pick a general style/time-period
      Whether you choose to go modern, vintage, antique, or anywhere in between with your furniture, try not to let yourself mix design-eras together. Pick furniture that represents one general era, and your room will seem to fall together effortlessly.

       2. Decide on a color-scheme
Painting or staining a set of mismatched furniture can really unify the varied styles.

       3. Use coordinating fabric
Pick one or two fabric patterns that work well together and use them to upholster chairs, create matching drapery, and add accent pillows around the room to really tie everything together.

These are just a few ways to coordinate mismatched furniture….but I bet all of you creative minds have even more great ideas! How would you (or did you) make this look work in your space? We’d love to hear from you!

(PS...Still need help designing your dream living space? Divine Consign does in-store (FREE) and in-home design consultations! Come on in, we’d be glad to help!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Repurposing your Entertainment Center

What a great day to be outside!

We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day while it lasts…Chicago weather can be so unpredictable! One day, your kids are out playing in the yard until the sun goes down, and the next they are stuck inside, cranky because the rain won’t stop.

Well, the brilliant minds at Divine Consign have come up with a cure for those rainy days….


Not only is it a fun, INDOOR friendly activity, but you kids can help out too! And, if they’re really lucky, you’ll end up with something fun for them….like this super cute play kitchen made from a repurposed entertainment center!

You’ll turn something like this... 

Into something like this! 

How genius is that!?

Don’t have any old furniture laying around because you already brought it all over to Divine Consign? =)

We’ve got tons of cool stuff lying around both of our stores….come on in and check us out!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It’s spring! How about adding some color to your home d├ęcor?

The air is warming up, the sun is staying out later, why not brighten up your home with a little bit of color?

Tangerine is making an appearance this spring, and over at Divine Consign we are thrilled—what a fun, vibrant color! Not ready to paint your whole living room bright orange? Here are a few fun ways to add pizzazz to your home, sans a long-term commitment.

     Sprucing up any room in your house can be as simple as finding that perfect area rug, accent pillow, or set of drapes. This is a great low-cost way to celebrate this seasonal color without going overboard! (Oh, and did we mention Divine Consign does custom upholstery and drapery??  How convenient!)

    Paint an accent wall  
   Don’t let this bold color scare you away! Orange can actually be a very calming color, making a room seem cozy and comfortable. And you can choose from an array of tones, ranging from softer shades like “Pumpkin” and “Salmon” to brighter tangerines and even gold.  

Go trendy and practical! 
Can’t bring yourself to spend on fluffy pillows or a modern accent chair, just because it’s “in season”? Go the practical route and buy pieces that serve a function as well as add character! (And come on, how CUTE is that tangerine clock?!)