Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Color of the Month - EMERALD GREEN

Ahhh, May. 
Fresh grass is sprouting, girls are in a shopping frenzy for prom, bicycles are making their way out of the garage, golf clubs are being dusted off, spring cleaning is in full swing.
This month, we are paying tribute to the color EMERALD GREEN.
It's no surprise the May birthstone is an emerald, that was one of our inspirations! We are surrounded by green in May, breathing in the fresh foliage that has burst forward this month (all that rain is good for something!). Arugula is now in season, why not go to the local farmers market and pick up a bunch?
Feeling inspired? Why not bring in that tired old love seat that's been bumming you out this winter and freshen it up with new (green!) upholstery at Divine Consign! Or how about making Emerald Green an accent color in your home? 

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