Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Ways to Update Your Sofa

Ahh, spring. Finally you are able to open our windows, breath in the fresh air, look around our home sanctuary and then BAM! You see it, your boring old sofa just sucking the new life out of your space.
You have a couple options including buying a new sofa, but not everyone has the budget for this. And maybe your sofa is just fine but needs a decorating tune-up!
Divine Consign to the rescue (again, you can thank us later)! You have several low-to-no budget options to freshen up your sofa and your space.
1) MOVE YOUR SOFA - sometimes it really is this easy. There are so many ways to organize your furniture in your room to give it a fresh start - get a helper and start schlepping away! 
There is an AWESOME website you can go to and arrange your room online! Check it out, so fun!
2) REUPHOLSTER YOUR SOFA - Is your sofa in good condition (maybe just needs a little stuffing) but the fabric is a goner? It costs a little more, but having your sofa reupholstered by a professional will make it look better than new - it'll be custom! (Divine Consign can help too - we have an in-house upholsterer!).

3) PURCHASE (or make) A SLIPCOVER - Basic budget-friendly slipcovers can be purchased at your local home decorating store, or they can be custom made. Can you sew? There are tons of slipcover patterns out there - give it a try!

4) REPLACE THE BACK & SEAT CUSHIONS - Okay, okay, maybe reupholstering your sofa or having custom slipcovers made is going a little overboard for you. Your sofa is just fine, just boring! How about covering or replacing just the back and seat cushions to create a whole new look?

5) ADD SIMPLE COLOR & TEXTURE - Easy & Cheap (not you, silly, your sofa). Decide on an accent color for your room, take a quick shopping trip, and outfit your space with simple pillows & throws to make your sofa look as good as new!

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  1. Another good way to make a positive change for your couch is to reapply a polyester fiberfill layer over the cushion. It'll add softness and help better fill out sagging covers.