Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contain Clutter

CLUTTER - no matter how hard we try to organize, we all have it. Here are a few simple and inexpensive tips to help contain some of your day-to-day clutter:

PAPERS - they are everywhere! School work, bills, recipes, manuals, wish-lists; paper is one of the biggest clutter offenders around. 
THE SOLUTION - binders! Grab a bunch of binders (they don't have to match, but it sure looks good) and label them appropriately. Have a 3 whole punch nearby and every time a piece of paper surfaces on your counter, store it away!  Take that, paper!

- Not everyone has ample storage in their bathroom, sometimes we are faced with where to put extra rolls of toilet paper and guest towels?
THE SOLUTION - Old wooden crates! They look like cool antiques and can be stacked anywhere to store these necessities.

SMALL JEWELRY - How frustrating it is when dangly earrings get tangled together or when that special pearl earring gets lost!
THE SOLUTION - ice cube trays! The small compartments are perfect for separating pairs of earrings and they can even be stacked in drawers.

SOCKS & UNDIES - Now c'mon, who really has the time and patience to neatly fold underwear and stack socks in drawers?
THE SOLUTION - hanging fruit basket! You've seen these in kitchens, why not hang one in your closet to store socks, undies, scarves, anything that's difficult to store!

CHOOSING KIDS' CLOTHES - Always a chore when you're trying to get the kids ready & out the door for the morning.
THE SOLUTION - hanging storage shelves labeled with days of the week! At the end of the weekend when the laundry is done, simply choose an outfit for each day of the week and your morning ritual just got that much easier!

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