Friday, June 10, 2011

Divine Consign - Services Galore!

Being a successful furniture consignment shop is about a lot more than just great furniture. Sure, that's important, but Divine Consign has found even more ways to service our customers beyond our great pieces.
Marking down consignment items 20% every three weeks is pretty standard practice. We have taken it one step further... we will CONTACT YOU when your favorite piece has been marked down! Simply let us know about an item you have your eye on and, if it hasn't sold, we will call you as soon as it's marked down - c'mon, who does that?!
This may seem like an outdated procedure, but nowadays we're willing to do whatever it takes to help you furnish your home without breaking the bank! You can buy one of our already well-priced items with layaway! Simply put 50% down, then pay off the remainder of the total within 30 days and it's yours!
Say you come in on your lunch break and see the most perfect sofa for your home. You're not quite ready to make the commitment until you talk it over with hubby. We will let you put the sofa on Hold until the end of the business day, leaving you time to make a solid decision. You don't even have to come back in, simply call us and pay for it over the phone!
It happens to everyone, you buy what seems like the perfect lamp, artwork, or side table. But when you get it home it just isn't the right color or size. No worries! Bring it on back within 3 days with your receipt and you will get a full refund - not store credit, a refund! See, we truly are here to help you!
Love the chair, hate the fabric. Love the fabric, have a bench at home that needs some work. We have a professional in-house upholsterer who will magically transform your piece of furniture into a stylish and just plain awesome work of art! And just wait until you see our fabrics and trims - they're to die for!
Now how many consignment stores have professional designers on staff who will help you decorate your home OR help you stage your home to sell? We have a furniture rental program for short-term needs and will even plan your space for you!
We've saved this one for last because really, who expects everyone to have a pickup truck available to transport their new dining set? Our delivery crew will not only deliver to your home, but to the exact spot you want it! No back-breaking, muscle-pulling work to move your new armoire. For a reasonable rate, delivery is definitely the way to go!

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