Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween! - Check out our fave Halloween d├ęcor

The spookiest day of the year is almost here! At Divine Consign we just LOVE Halloween and everything that comes with it...especially the decorating part! (Who woulda thunk?) We're sure you've been busy getting your kids costumes ready and eating  stocking up on lots of Halloween we won't judge you if your home decor just isn't there yet. We've compiled some of our favorite ways to decorate for Halloween and posted the genious ideas here for some decorating inspiration. We'd love to hear from you! Send us a pic of your halloween decor...we bet its Divinely Spook-tacular!

Love the use of antique pieces and candelabras/candle holders that make these setups extra spooky.

From Pinterest

Gather all the Halloween/Fall tchotchkes you can find and arrange them on a shelf or in a china cabinet, illuminated by candles of various shapes and sizes. Come on, Halloween decorating doesn't get much easier than that!

From Starshine Chic
This would be easy! And how adorable?! Use free internet print outs or have your kids make some Halloween-themed arts and crafts....mix and match intricate frames in black and white and viola! 

This awesome Halloween decor is from the home of one of our lovely customers! The bird cage (left) and Mission Cabinet (right) were both Divine Consign purchases! We're obsessed with how she creatively turned these pieces into festive Halloween decor...LOVE!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Picking the Perfect Area Rug

It’s Monday at 6 a.m. Your alarm goes off, you groggily reach for the “off” button, stretch your arms, rub your eyes, push your warm covers aside, and hesitantly slide out of bed to go turn on the coffee maker and begin your week, when suddenly…

WHAM. You’re awoken by the unsympathetic chill of those freezing-cold hardwood floors on your bare feet! Oh, the torture! Why haven’t I invested in a nice, soft, cozy, area rug for my poor shivering floors? you think. They deserve to stay warm this season, too!

You’re right! Why suffer any longer? Here is our super-official guide to picking out that perfect area rug so your little piggies stay toasty warm in every season.

1. High-quality fabrics are worth the investment. Seriously. Wool or silk rugs last a TON longer than cheaper materials like jute, sisal, or coir (which stain easily). You could end up replacing a cheap rug several times, adding up to be much more costly than having gone with a more quality rug from the start.  Plus, they just feel so much nicer!

2. Open your door, and then take room measurements. Not much is worse than bringing home your perfect rug only to realize that the door gets caught on it whenever you enter your room. If you subtract the width of the door from your measurements so that the rug starts a few feet in from the walls, your rug will last longer (and it will act as more of an accent piece and won’t overpower the room!)

3. Don’t over-spend! Shopping for a rug should be fun! You shouldn’t have to live off Ramen noodles for the next 3 months because that oh-so-perfect, dream rug practically costs you your first born. Divine Consign is a distributor for Surya Rugs…which means we sell BRAND NEW, never-been-used Surya rugs (literally, anything on their website!) for wayyyyyy less than retail price…aka in your budget!
We posted some of our favorites here…Go ahead and browse Surya’s huge online store and pick out your own favorites! Then give us a call at (708)386-3366 and we’ll give you the best deal in town.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Get Trendy this Fall

So you (hopefully) already know that Divine Consign offers you amazing quality furniture items for ridiculously reasonable prices. And while we personally think you can NEVER actually be done decorating your home, maybe you’re satisfied with your interior decor for the time being and need to put your focus on some of the other important things in life…

Like, for example, your wardrobe!

Okay, okay, we know. You've got kids to feed, the holidays are approaching, and between your son’s peewee football practice, your daughter’s ballet lessons, and getting a gourmet  nice  decent dinner on the table, you don’t have the time, money, or energy to spend on a new wardrobe! We understand; you are a busy lady!

That’s what makes Trends, Divine Consign’s sister clothing consignment store, so great! Not only are they conveniently located in the heart of central Oak Park (no need to spend that time driving alllll the way out to the outlet mall), but they have amazing, unbeatable deals on actual quality items! From everyday jeans, to blazers for work, to shoes for dancing, to dresses for that fall wedding you’re attending…and everything in between! It’s a one-stop-shop for all the clothing, accessories, jewelry, and shoes you could possibly dream of…plus it’s SURE to leave you with way more money in your pocket than if you were to shop anywhere else!

What do you have to lose? Besides all the space in your closet after you fill it with  the fashionable finds Trends has to offer…Check them out online or, even better, come on by and see them for yourself! We promise you won’t be disappointed. We can’t promise, however, that you won’t be addicted. You’ve been warned!

Located at 810 North Blvd. in Oak Park

Monday, October 8, 2012

Divine Consign's Fall Favorites

Apple orchards are open, Starbucks is serving their ever-addicting Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and kids are frantically planning their costumes for this Halloween. Yep, fall is in full swing! Here at Divine Consign we've got all kinds of goodies to help get your home ready for the season. From furniture, to artwork, to functional (and decorative) solutions for those big family dinners that seem to be happening more this season, here are some of our favorite in-store picks for home decor trends this fall.

Bombe Chest - $219.99 (Item #3150) - A natural, rustic look with neutral painted floral designs makes this a great piece for fall and beyond!

Dining Chairs (w/ fall-colored cushions) - $35.19 (Item #3935) - These adorable chairs come with  cushions that just scream "Fall!"...and the price can't be beat!

Earthy Tone Leaves Wall Art - $38.95 (Item #4255) - We've got a huge selection of artwork that will get your home into "fall-mode," such as this amazingly festive, fall-themed piece!

Branch Towers - $15.39 for the set of 2 (Item #380) - This set would look great above your fireplace, on a console in your foyer, on your dining table as a centerpiece...just add some small pumpkins, candles, leaves...well, you get the picture! Love it!

Assorted Pillows in Autumn colors- prices range from ~$5-$20 - Throw pillows are a great way to decorate for the season! They add pops of color, texture, and fashionable flare that can be switched out in almost no time at all. 

Assorted Birds (prices range from ~$2-$7) - Birds are great for all  stages of fall home decor, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, especially in these festive colors. And seriously....we have three of those black crows in right now for only $1.76 a piece! (back left) What a steal! 

Feather plate sets - $4.39/set of 2 (we have 4 plates total) - Seasonal in their color, design, and purpose...great for  dinner guests or serving holiday hors d'oeuvres!

Silver Leaf Serving Platter - $16.49 - Seriously, how much more festive can you get?! This leaf print serving platter is classy, practical, and oh-so-"fall."

Leaf Canisters (set of 3) - $21.99 (Item #3563) - Okay, how adorable would these look in your kitchen?! Well...we've never seen your kitchen...but we bet they'd look fabulous!

Glass Leaf Serving Plate - $14.29 (#2997) - If you didn't think it could get more festive than the silver leaf serving platter we showed you...think again! Impress your guests with this gem, boasting the beautiful colors of the season.

There you go folks, we hope you are inspired to finish decorating for fall (or, you know, start...we won't judge!) Which of these items are your favorites?? Come over and scoop them up before they’re all gone!

Monday, October 1, 2012

“National Get Organized Week” – Divine Secrets to an Organized October

With all of the indoor activities that come with cooler weather, what better time than now to get your home ORGANIZED? After all, the first week of October is “National Get Organized Week!” And with Divine Consign’s selection of goodies, it’s never been easier and more convenient! 

Here are our tips (along with some featured store items!) on getting organized. Ready? Here we go!

1.       Use traditional items in nontraditional ways – Are the shelves of your linen closet caving in? Need a place to display all the extra arts-and-crafts your kids have been doing this month? Has your guest bedroom become a storage space for your out of season clothes and shoes? A china cabinet/display hutch would work marvelously for any of these problems! Towels, artwork, or shoes can be displayed in the upper glass cabinets. Extra bedding, craft supplies, and/or clothing can be stored in the drawers below. Bet you never knew how versatile that old china cabinet could be!
Thomasville China Cabinet - Item # 721 
China Cabinet - Item # 2194 

2.       Make the most out of every piece of furniture in your home – Why go with just a headboard when you can rock a headboard with built in shelves and drawers that ultimately saves space elsewhere in your home?! I mean, everybody needs a bed, right? Look for beds, desks, and other furniture items that may serve a dual purpose—you’ll be thanking yourself later when your home is clutter-free.
Twin Headboard w/ Shelf & Drawers - Item # 3506 
Dark Wood Desk w/ Shelves - Item # 3508 

3.       Under-bed storage doesn't stop at plastic bins – I’m sure you are all well aware of the wonder that is under-bed storage. Seriously, it’s pretty much the smartest thing since sliced bread. You can store clothes, shoes, outerwear, toys, or any number of items in long, shallow plastic bins so they are perfectly accessible and (even more perfectly) out of the way. But have you ever thought about storing a guest bed under your bed? Duh! Trundle beds are a genius way to be visitor-ready when your in-laws just happen to show up a week early (sorry, you’re on your own with that part…). Then you just tuck it away when you’re done! Guest bedroom problem = solved.

2 Twin Trundle Beds - Item # 769 & # 768 
$302.49 each

4.       When it come to drawers, you can never have too much of a good thing – If you are going to by a dresser, buffet, console, or desk, make sure you are getting as much storage/organizational space from it as possible. Drawers are a great way to separate different types of items, so you’ll always know where to find them. At Divine Consign, we always have great deals on those perfect items to keep your home organized!
Traditional Wood Buffet - Item # 713 
Stitzle Buffet - Item # 679 

Hope you found these tips helpful on your quest to an Organized October! Good luck, let us know how it goes (we always love to hear from you!)