Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Whoo, hoo, hoo, ha-ha-ha!!!
Simply put, we love Halloween! Who doesn't enjoy the chance to dress up any way you want and get away with it?  Who doesn't love the super-cuties in their superhero, princess, animal or favorite Disney character costumes?
We love Halloween so much we're joining in the Oak Park AVENUE business association's annual Halloween trick-or-treating extravaganza! 
Saturday, Oct. 30. Trick-or-treating parade kicks off at 9:45am at Pleasant St. & Oak Park Ave. through Lake Street.  Shop owners will be eager to contribute to your child's sugar high, hopefully resulting in a major crash at nap time!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Organization Tip #4 - Play Room

We have ideas up the wazoo for transforming ordinary furniture into new, useful pieces. The playroom is often a space that gets filled with toys, dolls, puzzle pieces, cars. These valuable possessions need some organized storage!
First, the obvious. Bins, baskets, boxes are all a must for good storage. You can buy the super-cute coordinating bins OR (as I do) reuse containers from formula, rice/pasta, bedding (thick plastic with zippers - awesome) for perfect storage solutions.
Next, think about the furniture pieces you may already have in your home OR can buy inexpensively at your local consignment shop (yep, that's a plug)!
Gone is the need for a large TV cabinet - make it a TOY CLOSET! Using baskets and containers, this is the perfect solution for attractive storage.
(this one is only $99 at Divine Consign)
Forget a train table, coffee tables can easily transform using baskets to store endless train parts. When the train is gone, you still have a great table!
(this one is only $274 at Divine Consign)
Transform an old dresser into a clever toy chest - just a little paint and some creativity!
(this one is only $111 at Divine Consign)

Craft centers are a must - retrieve that old desk from storage, throw up a few shelves and a craft center is born!
(this one is only $113 at Divine Consign)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extra! Extra! - Facebook Promotions

You've been resisting
the urge to join
FB logo
   It's really not that bad, it's actually a lot of fun!
Not only can you reconnect with that kid who always
picked his nose in 7th grade (WHY is he friending me?)

You can take advantage of
EXCLUSIVE weekly Facebook deals
at Divine Consign!

1) "Like" Divine Consign on FB
2) Submit photo of a piece you purchased at Divine Consign
3) Tell us your name, email, phone, description of item and why you love it
4) SUGGEST Divine Consign to all your FB friends
5) Ask your friends to comment on your picture
6) Picture with the most comments wins
                      $150 Divine Dollars!!

Sample pictures for your viewing pleasure:
 Barbie Furniture
Call us if you have ANY questions about Facebook, and we'll refer you to the youngest person on staff, he's 18.   


Friday, October 22, 2010

Extra! Extra! - Mig and Tig has been reduced to 20% off!

Some of our awesome Mig and Tig stock has already found new homes, but there are still some amazing pieces left, ALL 20% off! That's right, no fine print, no exclusions, simply do the math and take 20% off any Mig and Tig item at Divine Consign!
We love the eye-popping umbrella chandelier, and a sleek, modern side chair. Check out the mouth-watering sunburst mirror and the ever-popular Maryk Chair!
PLUS we have dining tables, bar stools, end tables, and accessories galore!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Accepting Furniture - Yes or No

We are always so proud to hear our customers compliment our store! Often we hear things like...
       "not like other thrift stores"
                                   "what unique pieces"
         "your furniture is in such good shape"
                                 "it smells good in here"
We strive to make our special shop full of items that are in great condition, stylish, and priced well.  In other words, something we would want to have in our own homes!
Things that don't sell:
- wood pieces with significant scratches or missing a leg (kinda self-explanatory)
- chipped glass (trying to avoid the lawsuits)
- upholstery with animal hair or ripped (sorry, Fido & Fifi)
- uber-trendy pieces that are way out of style (think 80s bachelor)
So, occassionally we have to say "no" to some pieces, but it is with our customers' best interests in mind!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am a Mission Loveseat

I was created by a custom furniture designer on the west coast. She sent me and a bunch of my "siblings" to Divine Consign in Oak Park, IL.  We hear there are many people who appreciate Mission design and are happy to be part of this community!
I am made of solid mahogany wood with brand new upholstery. I was originally priced to sell at $1099, but I haven't found the right home yet. Now, since I've been reduced to $659, I know the right owner will take me in. I think. I hope. My self-esteem is beginning to take a turn for the worse. I know I am worth it, let me prove it to you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art & Appetizers on the Avenue!

Do you like art? Do you like food? Do you like shopping?

If you've answered "Yes" to any or all of these, we've got your Friday evening plans taken care of!

Tomorrow, Friday Oct. 8, we are celebrating local artists, restaurants and shops on The Avenue (Lake St & Oak Park Ave) at the Arts & Appetizers event, part of the ArtRageous! Oak Park weekend!

In fact, visit all of the participants of Art & Appetizers!

Divine Consign is also proud to host artist Will Hooper who will be displaying his creative work as well.

Come on by, it'll be LOADS of fun!