Friday, November 12, 2010

Staff Story - Julie Ann Fulton

Hailing from Kansas City, Julie is an unapologetic Chiefs fan. A graphic designer by trade, Julie moved to Chicago to continue her exploration of new cities including New York, Dallas and Cincinnati. Other than exploring and traveling, Julie is passionate about photography, painting, and pretty much anything to do with design!
"My previous careers and employers have taught me a great deal about very different fields. All of which have brought me a unique perspective not only on design, but also the functionality of design. It is not just a visual understanding. Great design for any medium whether it be interior, graphic, or informational design tells a story about the individual who created it and who the creation is for."
Clearly, Julie's vast experience in several design mediums, as well as her flair for organization, makes her an important addition to our team. Without Julie, we'd be lost in a sea of paper and office supplies!

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