Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Organization Tip #5 - The Garage

You may think it's strange that Divine Consign, a furniture consignment shop, is writing about Garage Organization. Not strange at all, we say! Our talented staff has oodles of experience in design and space organization, so naturally we want to share our tips with you!
It may seem like a daunting task, but organizing your garage couldn't be simpler. Even if your garage looks like a scene out of "Hoarders" there is hope for you yet!

Step 1: Remove all items leaning up against your walls and put in the center of your garage (or on your driveway if you have one).
Step 2: Establish your KEEP, GIVE AWAY, THROW AWAY piles.
Step 3: Paint your walls a bright shade of white.
Step 4: Purchase organization systems from your local home improvement store. Large hooks, wire racks and wire baskets go a long way.
Step 5: Put everything in it's place. If something doesn't fit, you probably don't need it!
Step 6: Step back and admire your handiwork, receive compliments from your family and neighbors.

If for any reason these simple tasks just don't fit in your bag of tricks, hire a professional CLOSET ORGANIZER. These design specialists will measure your space, analyze your stuff, and design systems to fit all your needs. Most will also have installation services too so you won't even need to lift a finger.
What are you waiting for? Get started!!

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