Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Organization Tip #4 - Play Room

We have ideas up the wazoo for transforming ordinary furniture into new, useful pieces. The playroom is often a space that gets filled with toys, dolls, puzzle pieces, cars. These valuable possessions need some organized storage!
First, the obvious. Bins, baskets, boxes are all a must for good storage. You can buy the super-cute coordinating bins OR (as I do) reuse containers from formula, rice/pasta, bedding (thick plastic with zippers - awesome) for perfect storage solutions.
Next, think about the furniture pieces you may already have in your home OR can buy inexpensively at your local consignment shop (yep, that's a plug)!
Gone is the need for a large TV cabinet - make it a TOY CLOSET! Using baskets and containers, this is the perfect solution for attractive storage.
(this one is only $99 at Divine Consign)
Forget a train table, coffee tables can easily transform using baskets to store endless train parts. When the train is gone, you still have a great table!
(this one is only $274 at Divine Consign)
Transform an old dresser into a clever toy chest - just a little paint and some creativity!
(this one is only $111 at Divine Consign)

Craft centers are a must - retrieve that old desk from storage, throw up a few shelves and a craft center is born!
(this one is only $113 at Divine Consign)

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