Monday, October 1, 2012

“National Get Organized Week” – Divine Secrets to an Organized October

With all of the indoor activities that come with cooler weather, what better time than now to get your home ORGANIZED? After all, the first week of October is “National Get Organized Week!” And with Divine Consign’s selection of goodies, it’s never been easier and more convenient! 

Here are our tips (along with some featured store items!) on getting organized. Ready? Here we go!

1.       Use traditional items in nontraditional ways – Are the shelves of your linen closet caving in? Need a place to display all the extra arts-and-crafts your kids have been doing this month? Has your guest bedroom become a storage space for your out of season clothes and shoes? A china cabinet/display hutch would work marvelously for any of these problems! Towels, artwork, or shoes can be displayed in the upper glass cabinets. Extra bedding, craft supplies, and/or clothing can be stored in the drawers below. Bet you never knew how versatile that old china cabinet could be!
Thomasville China Cabinet - Item # 721 
China Cabinet - Item # 2194 

2.       Make the most out of every piece of furniture in your home – Why go with just a headboard when you can rock a headboard with built in shelves and drawers that ultimately saves space elsewhere in your home?! I mean, everybody needs a bed, right? Look for beds, desks, and other furniture items that may serve a dual purpose—you’ll be thanking yourself later when your home is clutter-free.
Twin Headboard w/ Shelf & Drawers - Item # 3506 
Dark Wood Desk w/ Shelves - Item # 3508 

3.       Under-bed storage doesn't stop at plastic bins – I’m sure you are all well aware of the wonder that is under-bed storage. Seriously, it’s pretty much the smartest thing since sliced bread. You can store clothes, shoes, outerwear, toys, or any number of items in long, shallow plastic bins so they are perfectly accessible and (even more perfectly) out of the way. But have you ever thought about storing a guest bed under your bed? Duh! Trundle beds are a genius way to be visitor-ready when your in-laws just happen to show up a week early (sorry, you’re on your own with that part…). Then you just tuck it away when you’re done! Guest bedroom problem = solved.

2 Twin Trundle Beds - Item # 769 & # 768 
$302.49 each

4.       When it come to drawers, you can never have too much of a good thing – If you are going to by a dresser, buffet, console, or desk, make sure you are getting as much storage/organizational space from it as possible. Drawers are a great way to separate different types of items, so you’ll always know where to find them. At Divine Consign, we always have great deals on those perfect items to keep your home organized!
Traditional Wood Buffet - Item # 713 
Stitzle Buffet - Item # 679 

Hope you found these tips helpful on your quest to an Organized October! Good luck, let us know how it goes (we always love to hear from you!)

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