Monday, October 15, 2012

Get Trendy this Fall

So you (hopefully) already know that Divine Consign offers you amazing quality furniture items for ridiculously reasonable prices. And while we personally think you can NEVER actually be done decorating your home, maybe you’re satisfied with your interior decor for the time being and need to put your focus on some of the other important things in life…

Like, for example, your wardrobe!

Okay, okay, we know. You've got kids to feed, the holidays are approaching, and between your son’s peewee football practice, your daughter’s ballet lessons, and getting a gourmet  nice  decent dinner on the table, you don’t have the time, money, or energy to spend on a new wardrobe! We understand; you are a busy lady!

That’s what makes Trends, Divine Consign’s sister clothing consignment store, so great! Not only are they conveniently located in the heart of central Oak Park (no need to spend that time driving alllll the way out to the outlet mall), but they have amazing, unbeatable deals on actual quality items! From everyday jeans, to blazers for work, to shoes for dancing, to dresses for that fall wedding you’re attending…and everything in between! It’s a one-stop-shop for all the clothing, accessories, jewelry, and shoes you could possibly dream of…plus it’s SURE to leave you with way more money in your pocket than if you were to shop anywhere else!

What do you have to lose? Besides all the space in your closet after you fill it with  the fashionable finds Trends has to offer…Check them out online or, even better, come on by and see them for yourself! We promise you won’t be disappointed. We can’t promise, however, that you won’t be addicted. You’ve been warned!

Located at 810 North Blvd. in Oak Park

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