Monday, October 22, 2012

Picking the Perfect Area Rug

It’s Monday at 6 a.m. Your alarm goes off, you groggily reach for the “off” button, stretch your arms, rub your eyes, push your warm covers aside, and hesitantly slide out of bed to go turn on the coffee maker and begin your week, when suddenly…

WHAM. You’re awoken by the unsympathetic chill of those freezing-cold hardwood floors on your bare feet! Oh, the torture! Why haven’t I invested in a nice, soft, cozy, area rug for my poor shivering floors? you think. They deserve to stay warm this season, too!

You’re right! Why suffer any longer? Here is our super-official guide to picking out that perfect area rug so your little piggies stay toasty warm in every season.

1. High-quality fabrics are worth the investment. Seriously. Wool or silk rugs last a TON longer than cheaper materials like jute, sisal, or coir (which stain easily). You could end up replacing a cheap rug several times, adding up to be much more costly than having gone with a more quality rug from the start.  Plus, they just feel so much nicer!

2. Open your door, and then take room measurements. Not much is worse than bringing home your perfect rug only to realize that the door gets caught on it whenever you enter your room. If you subtract the width of the door from your measurements so that the rug starts a few feet in from the walls, your rug will last longer (and it will act as more of an accent piece and won’t overpower the room!)

3. Don’t over-spend! Shopping for a rug should be fun! You shouldn’t have to live off Ramen noodles for the next 3 months because that oh-so-perfect, dream rug practically costs you your first born. Divine Consign is a distributor for Surya Rugs…which means we sell BRAND NEW, never-been-used Surya rugs (literally, anything on their website!) for wayyyyyy less than retail price…aka in your budget!
We posted some of our favorites here…Go ahead and browse Surya’s huge online store and pick out your own favorites! Then give us a call at (708)386-3366 and we’ll give you the best deal in town.

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