Sunday, April 22, 2012

It’s spring! How about adding some color to your home décor?

The air is warming up, the sun is staying out later, why not brighten up your home with a little bit of color?

Tangerine is making an appearance this spring, and over at Divine Consign we are thrilled—what a fun, vibrant color! Not ready to paint your whole living room bright orange? Here are a few fun ways to add pizzazz to your home, sans a long-term commitment.

     Sprucing up any room in your house can be as simple as finding that perfect area rug, accent pillow, or set of drapes. This is a great low-cost way to celebrate this seasonal color without going overboard! (Oh, and did we mention Divine Consign does custom upholstery and drapery??  How convenient!)

    Paint an accent wall  
   Don’t let this bold color scare you away! Orange can actually be a very calming color, making a room seem cozy and comfortable. And you can choose from an array of tones, ranging from softer shades like “Pumpkin” and “Salmon” to brighter tangerines and even gold.  

Go trendy and practical! 
Can’t bring yourself to spend on fluffy pillows or a modern accent chair, just because it’s “in season”? Go the practical route and buy pieces that serve a function as well as add character! (And come on, how CUTE is that tangerine clock?!)

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