Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Repurposing your Entertainment Center

What a great day to be outside!

We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day while it lasts…Chicago weather can be so unpredictable! One day, your kids are out playing in the yard until the sun goes down, and the next they are stuck inside, cranky because the rain won’t stop.

Well, the brilliant minds at Divine Consign have come up with a cure for those rainy days….


Not only is it a fun, INDOOR friendly activity, but you kids can help out too! And, if they’re really lucky, you’ll end up with something fun for them….like this super cute play kitchen made from a repurposed entertainment center!

You’ll turn something like this... 

Into something like this! 

How genius is that!?

Don’t have any old furniture laying around because you already brought it all over to Divine Consign? =)

We’ve got tons of cool stuff lying around both of our stores….come on in and check us out!

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  1. This is super cute, however since you didn't take these pictures you should link out to their sources. Someone worked really hard and should get credited..........you know copyrights and all.