Friday, October 15, 2010

Accepting Furniture - Yes or No

We are always so proud to hear our customers compliment our store! Often we hear things like...
       "not like other thrift stores"
                                   "what unique pieces"
         "your furniture is in such good shape"
                                 "it smells good in here"
We strive to make our special shop full of items that are in great condition, stylish, and priced well.  In other words, something we would want to have in our own homes!
Things that don't sell:
- wood pieces with significant scratches or missing a leg (kinda self-explanatory)
- chipped glass (trying to avoid the lawsuits)
- upholstery with animal hair or ripped (sorry, Fido & Fifi)
- uber-trendy pieces that are way out of style (think 80s bachelor)
So, occassionally we have to say "no" to some pieces, but it is with our customers' best interests in mind!!

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