Thursday, July 15, 2010

Organization Tip #1 - Master Closet Organization

Organizing is in our blood. Our staff has years of experience with organizing home spaces and we are happy to share our knowledge with you!

Today, we will start with the master closet. No matter the size of your closet, we guarantee it has too much stuff! Set aside two hours to declutter this important space.
Step 1) Establish piles for keep, donation, and further consideration.

Step 2) Remove every item (take off hangers) and place in a designated area (a.k.a. your bed).
- If the clothes are more than one size too small or too big, get rid of them!
- If shoes haven't been worn in 3 years, send them packing!
- Scarves/handbags - use your judgement but try to keep as few as possible.

Step 3) Hang/fold Keep Pile, organizing by like-items.

Step 4) Review Consideration Pile, keeping only 1/4 of the pieces! Put the rest in the donation pile.

Step 5) Donation items
- Consign them at your local clothing consignment shop
- Organizations like AmVets will pick up bagged donations directly from your home
- Hold a garage sale and make a little moola

Now just stand back and enjoy your newly decluttered closet! It was worth the two hours, wasn't it?

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