Thursday, July 8, 2010

15 Sanity Saving Organizational Tips!

Sometimes the simplest solutions escape us; we thunk our foreheads and say "Why didn't I think of that?"
Well, get ready to thunk your head again, following are 15 Sanity Saving Organizational Tips that will help make your every day easier!
1) Velcro! - Cut strips of sticky-back velcro and adhere them back-to-back. Wind strip around wrapped up cord and everything stays put!
2) Toilet Paper Tube - Not a fan of velcro? (can't imagine why...) use an empty toilet paper tube to keep cords in place.
3) Break Out Your Cassette Tapes - While we're on the subject of cords, use an old cassette tape case (if you're under 25, ask your parents) to store your earphones and camera cords - label them for easier identification!
4) Empty Tissue Box - Use for storage of plastic bags - stash them wherever a garbage can resides! Also great for old batteries or other items that need to be seperately recycled.
5) Day-to-day Clutter - A medium-sized handled basket is placed at the foot of the stairs. Fill it up in the a.m. with items that need to go downstairs, and reverse in the evening. No more miscellaneous objects randomly put in the wrong place!
6) Baby Food Jars - Perfect for nuts/bolts/nails/screws or other small collections of items!
7) Recipes - Old School: tape them on paper and clip into a binder. New School: scan them and store them online or on your own computer.
8) Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers - Perfect for storing jewelry, hair accessories, small stuffed animals, bathroom toiletries, scrapbooking supplies...
9) Garbage Cans - They're not just for trash! Tall kitchen cans are great for umbrella storage as well as those tall wrapping paper rolls that are always falling over in your closet.
10) Holiday Ornaments - Not willing to spend fifty bucks on a custom ornament organizer? Here's an awesome solution: take a regular plastic bin, insert plastic cups to fill the bin and separate ornaments in the cups! Tiny objects - an empty egg carton will do the trick!
11) Remotes - Are countless remotes taking over your family room? Use a pretty vase (square works well) or decorative wood box and store the TV/DVR/Wii remotes in one place!
12) Have kids? Keep all your empty containers! A large plastic coffee can becomes a home for cars, legos, baby rings, the list goes on! Hang on to those old formula cans, perfect for storing crayons, markers and other craft items.
13) Reach-In Closets - Maximize deep returns in closets - buy inexpensive tension rods and install them front-to-back on either side of the door. Use this extra space to hang scarves, belts, ties, hats, etc. Shower curtain hooks also come in handy!
14) Clothes Pins - Use them to secure bags of chips, cereal, pet food, or clip them on hangers to keep straps from slipping off.
15) Toy Organization - Little ones don't read yet? Take a picture of their larger toys and/or storage bins and label their shelves/cubbies with the pictures. Not only does this show the kids where the items belong, but it helps them learn responsibility for cleaning up!

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