Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Brief History of Sidewalk Sales

Many moons ago, retail shopping as we know it began with street vendors selling their wares, naturally, on the street. Fast forward a few years and we see the beginning of store fronts selling a combination of goods. In order to compete with the vendors, the store owners would display small amounts of their product on the street to lure shoppers into their store.
Thus, the beginning of sidewalk sales!
"A-ha!" you exclaim, "I knew there was a point to this story."
This weekend, June 25-June 27, is Oak Park's annual Avenue Sidewalk Sale Event!
Friday, 12pm - 7pm
Saturday, 9am - 5pm
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm
Just when you thought that we couldn't possibly take over more of the Avenue, we're taking it to the streets! (Did you catch the Doobie Brothers reference? You're old!) Kickstart your summer savings and come enjoy what Oak Park's historic business district has to offer! Great deals, entertainment, and fun activities abound in the Heart of the Village.
Stop by our TWO LOCATIONS at 111 N. Oak Park Avenue and 810 North Boulevard. Chat with our poor staff who will be melting in the heat, they'll be happy to help you find the best deal of your life! Okay, at least the best deal of the week.
** Disclaimer: The above reference to the history of sidewalk sales has not been fact-checked for historical accuracy, is purely the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinion of Divine Consign or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

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