Sunday, November 15, 2009

Repurposing Entertainment Armoires

Here at Divine Consign we are all about renewing the life of furniture! Not only is purchasing consignment furniture eco-friendly, there are endless opportunitites to repurpose the furniture itself!

Let's talk about those wonderful entertainment armoires that were so popular awhile back. They served a great purpose - housing large televisions and all the components while providing storage for tapes, DVDs, remotes, etc.

Now in the age of flat-screen TVs, fewer components and less storage due to digital recordings, it seems those armoires have met their demise.

Wait! There is a way to salvage these beautiful pieces of furniture while maintaining a practical purpose. Entertainment armoires can be perfectly used as clothing armoires! There are already drawers and shelves for shoes, undergarments, etc. In the large open TV space, shelves can be added for storing sweaters, or simply install a rod for hanging clothes!

Come see the gorgeous armoires at Divine Consign and consider how they can be repurposed for your needs!

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