Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Customers' Rave Reviews!

We just love our customers and consignors, and we also love hearing their great reviews! Here's what a few of them had to say...
"Amazing selection of high quality furniture at prices you cannot say no to. The staff are all friendly and take an interest in what you are looking for and try to help you find it. I was wavering on a piece and they put it on hold for me. . . . then I wanted something else and they just moved the hold tag. . . . then I bought it. . . . most places won't let you hold anything much less play musical chairs with a hold tag for two days!

I will be back again and again, since it seems the inventory changes daily, and I won't want to miss out on anything!" Joe C., Oak Park
"If your tastes run to the classic, there are antique-y antiques with an impressive pedigree. If you are a modern sort, there's stuff for you too. And there are lots of paintings, accessories, and objets d'art to round out the look. The prices are pretty reasonable ... and the store is full without seeming too cluttered.

Everything at the store is consigned (duh!) from individuals or furniture stores, and the prices are reduced the longer it sits on the sales floor. You can add your name to a "wish list" so if you have something particular in mind, the store will notify you if it appears.

I don't know if they coined the phrase "eco-chic," but there is definitely something "green" about the concept of re-using what is here rather than having China make us new stuff all the time. So if you have the heebies about buying a couch someone else sat on, just get over it. And bring plenty of quarters for the parking meter."
Lisa B., Oak Park

"I have consigned several pieces of of furniture, and DIVINE CONSIGN , an amazing & GORGEOUS store SOLD all of my pices in less than 3 weeks. This 'consignment' store is not your average consignment shop-- it looks and feels very upscale, and is put together extremely well.

The owner and sales staff are outgoing and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend this store to anyone who is either looking to sell good qualtiy furniture and decorator items or is looking for that special piece for their home. A visit to this store is a must!"
Patricia M.S., Chicago

"OMG! You have got to see this store! I read about in Chicago Home and Garden Magazine and my wife and I had to make the trip.First, it was hard to get in the door because people were taking so many pieces of furniture out of the door. The first piece I looked at was a solid cherry Arts and Crafts style-how Oak Park- dining table for $199! Are you kidding me? The store was clean bright well-staffed and fun. I continued my journey toward the back of the store and was amazed at the variety of syles. They had a huge Habersham custom armoire, Stickley furniture and then a retro zebra striped contemporary love seat. There was so much to see that by the time I made it back to my solid cherry table, it was already sold! My advice, grab what you like right away or it will be gone!

The store allows you to returns your furniture purchase if it doesn't work for you! Have you ever heard a consignment store do that before?

The prices were amazing (hope they can stay in business selling at those prices) and this was before any prices were marked down. They reduce the price by 20% every three weeks (doubtful anything will be in the store that long). This was not like any consignment store I had ever been in.

I couldn't leave empty handed. I bought a great side chair and my wife bought a set of crystal candlesticks. Top quality. If you haven't been there you have to go and go often. I've veen there three times and it was completely different each time. Yeah the parking does suck. But there is a parking garage across the street and the store is next to some great restaurants. So relax and have lunch."
James P., Oak Park

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