Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awesome furniture & deals galore - from both ends of the budget spectrum!

One of our main goals has always been to provide everyone with high-quality, great condition, yet AFFORDABLE furniture. We try to always have a selection of great, well-made items that still have tons of life left and that we can provide to you at an unbeatable price. After all, great home decor should be available to everyone, no matter your budget!

These gorgeous items came to us earlier this week from design showroom Peabody's Interiors. This Wisconsin showroom has some truly amazing high-end items, but prices can (and do) get well into the thousands...
Never fear! Since we know you savvy shoppers are looking for a deal (and this furniture was WAY too awesome to turn down), we worked our Divine Consign Magic and slashed the prices on this furniture shipment to about 10-20% of original retail value. Much better!

Now for those of you true-to-form bargain hunters looking for the best deals on this side of the Mississippi, we've got those too! 

On Secret Sale today is this awesomely unique dining table. The super modern round hammered metal and black marbled base would add an instant "wow factor" to your eat-in kitchen or dining room. Complete the room with clean lines, black and white decor, maybe some rustic wooden pieces or bright pops of neon, and your dining area is done for CHEAP! 
Seriously for $52.99, where could you find a more high-end looking piece?

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