Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Divine's Deal of the Day: Dania Nightstand

Today's deal is this perfect light wood nightstand from Dania furniture. We have this little guy (and his twin!) right now for $137.49 a piece. Two "like-new" nightstands for under $300? There is no denying that is one GREAT deal!

Call Divine Consign at (708)386-3366 to hold/purchase over the phone.

These nightstands are the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom.

"But all my bedroom furniture is dark wood and antique! These just wouldn't look right..." you say?

First of all, consignment shopping is ALL about mixing and matching. If you've been too chicken to try it...give it a shot! Dark wood + light wood, traditional + modern, whatever your "normal" style is, we dare you to take a little risk and try something out of the ordinary.

Here's a little help...If you heart Pinterest as much as we do, we bet you've stumbled upon a crafty idea or two that you haven't gotten the chance to try yet. C'mon, it's now or never! Grab a little paint, roll up your sleeves, and turn these already beautiful pieces of furniture into something to put your stamp on.

Here's some (P)inspiration to get you started:

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Via dreamsandgoldfish.blogspot.com
Pinned Image
Via kfddesigns.com
Pinned Image
Via Petit Tapis on Flikr
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Via Pinterest (source?)
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Via sophiasdecor.blogspot.com

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