Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Quick-N-Easy Staging Tips

Ready to sell your home? Have a $0 budget to work with? Short on time?

No worries, here are five quick tips for an easy-breezy solution for home staging!

1) Start getting rid of stuff!
    - closets should be cleared and easy to access
    - accessories should be at a minimum - unclutter tables, mantles, bookshelves
    - we love our family pictures, but prospective buyers don't! Outta there!

2) If you have any leftover paint in your garage, break it out now and touch up your walls

3) Re-arrange furniture to create clear traffic patterns. Arrange pieces around important focal points like a fireplace or picture window rather than the TV! (See our blog post about Floating Furniture for ideas)

4) Clean, clean, clean! Do the white glove test on all surfaces, even those you can't see!

5) Add splashes of color by using decorative pillows, fresh flowers, towels, rugs, etc.  You probably already have these things elsewhere in your house, move 'em around!
There you go, your realtor will thank you and hopefully your house will sell soon!


  1. Yes, your realtor will definitely appreciate the effort you put in selling your home. Since he is already busy preparing the legalities and the selling spiels, it is your job to make your house presentable and worth buying. In that department, home staging is really a great technique to win your potential buyers.

    Kristopher Washington

  2. Home staging is the answer to difficult home selling. Home buyers definitely appreciate it when the house is presentable and looks like it’s ready to be occupied by new owners. By creating a welcoming ambience, buyers will definitely have your house on their priority list.

    Ofelia Bertrand