Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organization Tip #2 - Transform Closet into Home Office

More and more people are working from home and are in desperate need of an office space. Many work-from-home employees don't have the luxury of an extra room or finished basement for their home office.
We have the solution!
Transition an unused closet (yeah, right) or one that can be better used (more like it) as a home office! Think guest room, small pantry, old toy storage, etc.
Creating a home office out of a closet is easier than you'd think. Bringing in old file drawers, basic shelving and a simple counter top provide function without breaking the bank. Personalize the space with color, accessories, and pattern and voila! - your own home office that can be neatly tucked away behind closet doors or curtains.

Personalize the space with color to coordinate with the room, or to brighten up an otherwise dull space.
Introduce pattern for visual interest and to keep your work environment cheerful!
Have room in your budget? Have custom units installed (left). Need to focus without too much stimulation? Keep your palette simple and neutral (right).

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