Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bring Green Living into Your Home

Living "green" can go beyond recycling and organic gardening. Bring green into your home decor, moss green to be exact! A refreshing and modern twist to the sage green of the 90s, moss green is becoming an exciting trend in home decor and fashion for 2010.

As always, Divine Consign is right there with the trends. Have you seen our cute moss green club chairs? Several different moss green accent pillows? Chenille moss green love seat? And of course, many home accessories that sport this fun color? Come check out these items as well as other great finds at our two showrooms in Oak Park!

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  1. Attitudes to energy are changing. Until fairly recently, this may not have been a particularly big deal. Most people now would pay more for an energy-efficient home. I believe that in the future, a green home will be more important than a fashionable home.