Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Upcycling" - Repurposing for Simple Living

We have all been trying to find new ways to simplify our lives, taking into consideration how we spend and how we use our time and possessions. Rather than throwing away and buying new, "repurposing" old items helps us reduce, reuse and recycle!

Upcycling is the new trend in repurposing old items into something new. Before you toss that seemingly unusable item into the trash, think about the many ways it can be repurposed.

- Mismatched china combined with old glassware becomes a tiered serving set
- Old photos or postcards can morph into a light shade
- Your kids' old changing table can be used as a great planting station
- Old floppy disks (you know you've kept a boxful) become cool office supply organizers
- Virtually any textile can easily be turned into a trendy (and reusable) shopping bag or purse
- A vintage hard-shell suitcase is perfect for storing gift wrapping supplies
- An old door becomes a unique headboard, simply bolt it to the wall

Divine Consign is a great resource to find unique pieces to help finish your upcycling project!

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