Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The "Arts" Unveiled - Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco

Pop Quiz! What is the difference between Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco? If you think you'd fail this quiz, you are not alone. We are here to help! Here is a brief description of each design movement and how they differ from one another:

Art Nouveau: In French, it means "new art" and is characterized by organic motifs (florals) and flowing stylized curved lines - an intentional direct contrast to the Victorian era. An international design movement, art nouveau reached its peak from 1890 to 1905. Popular artists involved in furniture design and objects d'arte include Gaudi, Plecnik, Sullivan and Tiffany.

Arts & Crafts: A British, Canadian, Australian and American design movement during 1880 - 1910, emphasizing the simplicity of form and function. The Arts & Crafts movement reacted against the mechanical nature of the industrial revolution and embraced the preservation of quality natural materials. Well-known American designers include Frank Lloyd Wright, Maher and Stickley, to name a few!

Art Deco: Another international design movement that took place later from 1935 to the early 1940s. Unlike the Arts & Crafts philosophical movement, Art Deco design was purely a celebration of decoration and was influenced by many different early 20th century styles. Commonly used materials for furniture were aluminum, stainless steel, lacquer and inlaid wood.

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