Thursday, December 17, 2009

White Elephant Gifts are Here!

You've done it before, waited until the last minute to grab a "white elephant" gift for the office holiday party. What did you do? Hunted around your house for that dusty potpourri set Aunt Trudy sent you last year, picked through your husband's tie collection, or (gasp!) snagged your wife's favorite coffee mug. Not a pretty picture...

Here's a thought, rather than up your holiday stress level and potentially upset your significant other, stop by Divine Consign the Annex and select a white elephant item for only $1.99!! Yep, we are serious, problem solved!

The Annex is located at 810 North Boulevard in Oak Park and we are open every day! And, while we're solving this dilemma, remember we also have GIFT CERTIFICATES for your last minute gifts on your shopping list.

See? All better.

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